New Year. New me.

I am so excited to finally announce the launch of my new company name,  branding, and website!  I hope you enjoy the video, check out my new website, and read up on what motivated these changes right here below the video.

New Brand Launch from Peak Santé on Vimeo.

Some things have changed… and there are many more changes to come, so stay tuned! But, rest assured that my dedication to peak wellness and working with you to uncover the root cause of your ailments and improving your quality of life is absolutely the same!! Actually… it’s getting better!

Be on the lookout for new services, some products, and improvements to my current offerings. I have been busy!

Here’s the scoop on what motivated the branding change…

I have been working in the fields of health, fitness, and wellness for a long time. Since 1994 to be exact.  Upon graduating from University, fuelled with a passion for sports, fitness, nutrition, and immigrant parents who pushed me to aim high and strive toward excellence, I embarked on a journey to build a business in the health & fitness industry.  Already a fitness instructor at the time (teaching group fitness classes such as aerobics, step, and body sculpting), I took a series of personal training, sports conditioning, and sports nutrition courses.  In addition, I became a CPAFLA Certified Health & Fitness Appraiser (Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness, and Lifestyle Appraiser Certification) and opened an Appraisal Center in Montreal West Island’s Monster Gym.  For many years, I ran a very successful business offering personal training, health & fitness assessments, sports nutrition, and fitness classes.

In the first year of launching my business, I was very fortunate to have made appearances on Montreal Live, CHOM-FM iHeartRadio, and was featured in Montreal’s Gazette’s Trends Magazine.  This media exposure is how I made my start in workplace wellness.  In 1997, soon after being featured in the premiere edition of the Trends Magazine, I received a call from Merrill-Lynch asking if I would come to their offices to speak on the topic of health & fitness.  I was 25 years old and not sure how I was going to capture the attention of a group of successful financial brokers!  Not to mention, I was terrified of public speaking at the time!  Nonetheless, excitement surpassed the fear and so I accepted and got to work.

Both nervous and excited, I presented in a beautiful board room high up overlooking the city expecting the standard attendance of 15-20 people I was told typically show up to such HR endorsed presentations.  Along with my co-presenter Derek Della Rocca, Athletic Therapist, Fitness Trainer, and yes awesome cousin, gave a high energy, captivating presentation we called “The Power of Health & Fitness” in a room that was packed over capacity! The 70+ attendees were pouring out into the hallway of the two entrances, one behind us and one out in front of us.  It was a huge success! Following that initial experience in corporate wellness and presenting, I knew this was a niche I wanted to explore.  I started to learn everything I could, continued to present, and went on to develop a variety of service packages offering health and fitness events and services to companies and organizations in the Montreal area.

With a fast growing corporate wellness clientele, a fully booked private practice, and training for a Miss Fitness competition, I may have been young, but I was burning the candle at both ends. Up by 5am and down no earlier than 12-1am, and out and about on the weekends, the pace took its toll on me. I was exhausted, depleted, and under way too much pressure.  Before I knew it, I found myself at the cardiology institute diagnosed with an ulcer at the age of 27.   I had developed a lifestyle induced condition!  How could that be?  I was a Health & Fitness Coach!  I knew had to make some changes.

Preferring a more natural treatment course, I sought health and nutrition support from a naturopath and body work practitioner, and underwent a healthy lifestyle makeover. With my medical doctor in the loop, I was fortunate to heal from that ulcer naturally. Following this profound shift in my health, I decided to go back to school to study naturopathic medicine, energy medicine, massage therapy, lymphology, and functional nutrition to better serve my clients with a more holistic method to achieve health and well-being.  This is the piece that was missing in my practice.  Now, more than 20-years later, armed with a wide-ranging tool-kit, knowing first-hand how to create work-life balance, I continue to bring health, fitness, and wellness programs and services into organizations in the Montreal area and offer peak wellness private coaching services to a select clientele in my clinic located in the West Island Windsor

In the first years of my career, under the umbrella “Exercise Plus”, my services were more geared toward fitness and sports nutrition.  However, over the course of the last decade, I found myself working within a business framework and with a company name that no longer matched my global vision of health and well-being.  When I was diagnosed with that ulcer, I spent two full years making the necessary and challenging food, fitness, and lifestyle changes to heel naturally and thereafter spent the next decade furthering my education and skill set. Since, I have developed a broader vision of health and well-being.  And, with this broader vision my new brand was developing.

And so, today, under my new brand vision, my mission is to reach, teach, support, inspire, and guide individuals to achieve their own personal version of wellness as they strive to reduce stress, treat ailments, and achieve work-life balance with a personalized approach and integrated modality of programs and services that includes movement & mindfulness, specialized bodywork therapies, and  targeted wellness wisdom & education.

Together with a wonderful team of thoughtfully picked practitioners, Peak Santē brings programs and services into companies to help our clients achieve their wellness goals and objectives by strategically designing, delivering, and continuously evaluating programs and services that focus on improving sleep and relaxation, exercise, hydration and nutrition, stress and self-care, and healthy personal & professional relationships; all with a very personalized approach.

And so, this is how Peak Santē, a company focused on Peak Wellness for Optimal Performance, was born.  I have spent the last couple of years working with business coach Lianne Bridges who has helped me dig deep to create a vision for my business marrying the different facets and areas of my vision, experience, passion, and personality to better define who I am, where I am, what I have to offer, and how I can best serve my clients.

I am so very excited to introduce my new company name and branding “Peak Santē”. and invite you to visit my the new website For those who have followed me for the past 20+ years, you will immediately see the difference, though it may seem subtle, as I have always been focused on overall well-being and bio-individuality.  For those of you who do not know me, welcome, things just became a whole lot more interesting.

Be sure to stay tuned for more to come regarding Peak Santē’s workplace wellness service offerings and consider us to be your strategic wellness partner.  And rest assured, I will still be offering private wellness options for a select clientele. Although some things are changing, my dedication to peak wellness and the health and well-being of all those I touch hasn’t changed.

Special thanks to the following people who have made this change possible and a reality…

Lianne Bridges, Business Coach,
Zoë Stopnicki, Graphic Designer, www.
Dana Webber, Web designer,

My loyal clients who continuously inspire me to grow and cater to each of their bio-individual needs.


Lots of changes to come!  All for the better!

Visit the new website in progress:

by Christina Della Rocca, n.d.